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When you have a pest infestation, the last thing you should be doing is looking through all of the listings you come across on the internet. We will do all we can to find you an expert that works with your specific pest control issues. Some of the specific pests we will find you help for includes termites, ants, and more.

Cockroaches Can be a Problem To You and Your Home

Unwanted cockroaches are a common pest that infests your home. The obvious reason we want to take care of roaches as soon as possible is because they can reproduce and spread quickly. Locating the creepy crawlers is enough to make you feel sick.

On top of being an eyesore, roaches can ruin the quality of air by leaving droppings and bacteria scattered throughout the house. This can pose a threat because roaches can cause allergic reactions in people they come in contact with. Also, they eat what is in your cabinets, which may lead to food poisoning.

Ants Are Aggravating

Most homeowners are completely unaware that certain ants cause just as much damage to your familys house as termites. Like termites, carpenter ants cause all sorts of damage to the your homes wood structures. Since they dont eat wood, carpenter ants cause their damage since they tunnel. These kinds of ants are dangerous since they can be hidden in the walls and wood surfaces making it hard to find them.

All kinds of ants are capable of biting, by using their mouth and mandibles to puncture the skin if they feel threatened. Ant bites, while slightly painful, tend to not cause serious harm unless you do not clean and care for the puncture. Ants are a common food source for many other pests, meaning they could attract more pests to multiply and feed on the ants.

Rodents In Your Home Can Be Fatal

Rats, mice, and other rodents can give diseases that can be life threatening to humans. Have you heard of the Black Plague and the atrocities that came from it? The people in Europe had pests to thank for that horrible situation. Diseases that the majority of rodents carry are common in other parts of the world, but you still dont want them in your home.

Rats and mice will eat just about everything whatsoever they can reach. They will use their mouth to chomp through wood, wallboards, cardboard, and insulation. Mice can get into electrical wiring in your house. Mice and rats revealing electrical wiring are shown to be accountable for 25% of house fires throughout the United States of America.

Only Two Species Of Spiders Are Harmful

Spiders may actually do good things instead of harm at your home. Most spiders will devour about 2,000 insects in a year, so that means other insects stay away from your home. They also go face-to-face with other spiders, helping to prevent a larger spider infestation from occurring in your home.

Spiders do still bite nonetheless, and their bites can hurt and can leave a welt on your skin that is very painful and irritating. However only two kinds within the United States are deadly. Although, spiders leave behind cobwebs which leave a very gross appearance.

Only Two Kinds Of Scorpions Are Dangerous

Its a common misconception that scorpions live exclusively in deserts or areas under development. Scorpions are sure to pop up almost anywhere, even your home. Only one type of scorpion in the United States is viscous enough to kill humans, but their stings are still brutal.

When you encounter scorpions, the best thing to do is look for an exterminator who specializes in scorpions. This is a result of scorpions being incredibly tough and they do not respond to pesticides the way other bugs do. We can help you find an exterminator who has very specific plans for the spraying of scorpions.

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